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PTI protests against ‘foreign conspiracy’ against Imran Khan

After the historic success of the opposition’s no-trust motion against Imran Khan in National Assembly, nation-wide protests are taking place with a multitude of people voicing support for the ousted premier on Sunday night.

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan earlier in the day had vowed to begin “freedom struggle against a “foreign conspiracy” of regime change in Pakistan.

“Pakistan became an independent state in 1947; but the freedom struggle begins again today against a foreign conspiracy of regime change,” he wrote on his official Twitter handle on Sunday. “It is always the people of the country who defend their sovereignty and democracy,” he added.

The former ruling party, following its central executive committee meeting held at Imran’s Bani Gala residence today, had announced that peaceful protest across all cities including Lahore Sialkot, Sahiwal, Karachi and Rawalpindi will be held tonight.

“Peaceful protest will be carried out throughout the country today. The country stands with Imran Khan,” former energy minister Hammad Azhar said during a media talk.

Imran Khan had also talked about his future plans during his last address as a prime minister to the nation on Friday. Urging the masses to come out against the “imported government” on Sunday night, Imran pledged in his televised address that he would not sit idly by and continue struggle against the foreign intervention into Pakistan’s internal matters.

He repeatedly asked the nation to decide if they wanted to live on the terms dictated by others. If the answer was affirmative, he asked, what was the purpose of celebrating Pakistan Day on March 23 and Independence Day on August 14 every year.

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In his address, Imran stressed that the nation would have to decide what kind of Pakistan they wanted to live in. He also emphasised that the masses need to protect democracy and sovereignty of the country and not the army.

While urging the people to stand with him, he said that Pakistan should not be treated as a nation which could be used like a tissue paper. He emphasised that one-sided relationship would not work anymore.

Scenes from Karachi show a hoard of frustrated protesters disrupting traffic opposite Millennium Mall.

A view of Lahore rally.

Umarkot, Sindh.

Liberty Chowk, Lahore.



Abbottabad, K-P.

Mianwali, Punjab.

Peshawar, K-P.

Okara, Punjab.

Jhang, Punjab.



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