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‘Imran never sought military’s help to break political deadlock’

Former cabinet minister Shireen Mazari has categorically said that prime minister (now deposed) Imran Khan had never called the military for help to break the ‘political deadlock’ ensuing from the National Assembly deputy speaker’s ruling against the no-confidence resolution moved by the joint opposition.

“Let me be clear. I am stating on record PM [Imran Khan] did not call military for help on “breaking political deadlock”. The military sought the meeting through then defence minister [Pervaiz] Khattak and they put forward the three proposals of either the PM resigning or taking part in VNC [vote of no confidence] or fresh elections,” Mazari said in a series of tweets.

“Why would Imran Khan give option of resigning when he had already stated categorically & repeatedly he would never resign! Makes no sense! Also Imran Khan had categorically rejected VNC as foreign regime change conspiracy. So why would he suggest these options. Absurd!”

Mazari served as Federal Minister for Human Rights in the cabinet of Imran Khan.

Her tweets came a day after the military spokesperson said that the establishment had not put forth options before Imran Khan. He, however, said that during the political deadlock, the Prime Minister’s Office had contacted the military leadership to resolve the matter.

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