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Imran Khan addresses PTI’s power show in Karachi

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) grand power show is underway at Karachi’s Bagh-e-Jinnah, where party chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan is currently addressing and expected to announce the former ruling party’s future strategy following his ouster from power.

Imran Khan at the start of his much-anticipated address said that he is not against any country or region but wanted relations on basis of equality. “I want friendship with everyone but slavery of none.”

He said that a “big international conspiracy” has been hatched against the country. “I am not anti-Indian, anti-European or anti-American… I believe in humanity,” he added.

Earlier, Imran Khan waved at his supporters after arriving at the venue.

PTI leaders have claimed that it will be one of the “biggest rally in the history of the subcontinent and not just in the history of Pakistan”.

People belonging to various walks of life have gathered at the venue.

Qureshi demands judicial inquiry of lettergate scandal

Former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has demanded a judicial commission to probe the issue of ‘threat letter’ “if anyone was in any doubt about its legitimacy”.

“Maryam and Bilawal say the document is fake but the people [coming to the public gathering] have proven that it is not fake and legitimate… if you are in any doubt then you can form a judicial commission and the truth will come out,” he added.

Qureshi said that on the same venue not so long ago PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had taken out a rally against inflation and now he’s is part of a government which was raising prices of different commodities.

“Rs10 have been increased on sugar, Rs20 on ghee… they have also raised Rs4.85 on electricity and prices of petrol and diesel will also be increased soon.”

Imran Khan has always said yes to Karachi: Umar

Former planning minister Asad Umar said that Imran Khan never said no to any request for development of Karachi. “Whenever I asked for funds for Green Line or K4, he always said yes,” he added.

He said that Imran Khan gave the biggest budget worth Rs625 billion for the port city.

“Imran Khan is the only leader of Pakistan who does not represent any ethnicity but he’s the leader of the entire country,” he added.

He regretted that politicians were bought to change with illegitimate money to form an “imported government”.

Asad said that Imran Khan showed that whenever a self-respecting leader takes a stand, the nation backs him. “Imran Khan will make Quaid-e-Azam’s dream of Pakistan true… he will make a naya (new) Pakistan.”

PTI to form next govt in Sindh: Ali Zaidi

Former federal minister for Ports and Shipping Ali Zaidi said that his party will form government in Sindh after the next election.

He said that Imran Khan will never compromise on the sovereignty of Pakistan and will never let his nation down.

PTI can close down Karachi in 30 minutes: Ismail

Former Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, while addressing the rally, claimed that the PTI can “close down Karachi within 30 minutes”. “Imran Khan, just let us know… we can close down Karachi in 30 minutes we have that much power here… we will come out on roads and will let them know,” he added.

He said that Sheikh Rashid has given a very long duration [May 31], adding that the “imported government” will be over in a matter of days instead.

Ismail said that Imran Khan did not bow down to earthly gods therefore he was removed from power but he has decided to connect with the masses.

Imran to remove ‘imported govt’ before May 31: Rashid

Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, while addressing the participants, said that Imran Khan will remove the current imported government from power before May 31.

Addressing the country’s military, he said that they were with him. “We have to bring Imran Khan back… if that doesn’t happen then we will fill all the prisons,” he added.

Rashid said that he had advised Imran Khan four months ago to impose emergency, dissolve all the assemblies and impose governor’s rule in provinces.

Earlier, PTI Karachi President Bilal Ghaffar, during a press conference, said that even the volunteers of PTI will outnumber the participants seen in the rallies of the ‘imported government’.

He said that foolproof security arrangements have been made for the public meeting as per which a separate enclosure has been set up for families.

Vehicles will be parked near the society office after which families may reach the venue through shuttle service.

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In addition, parking arrangements have been made at four locations. PTI Karachi chief further said that Imran Khan’s security plan has been shared with the institutions.

He said that the former prime minister has instilled awareness among the people.

He also said that DG ISPR has confirmed the presence of the embassy letter and regarded its contents as external interference.

PTI Sindh Information Secretary Arsalan Taj said there has been a lot of excitement among the people since the announcement of the public meeting.

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A day earlier, Imran Khan had urged the participants of the public gathering to carry Pakistan’s flag as it was now a fight for Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Imran Khan is expected to announce the strategy for the party in Karachi under current political scenario.

Former Sindh Governor Imran Ismail claimed that the public gathering would be the biggest in Pakistan’s history.

PTI had earlier announced to hold a public meeting in Karachi on Sunday April 17 as part of a countrywide protest campaign against the removal of its government. However, party bosses pulled the date a day back on weekend that is Saturday April 16.

In a Twitter post, PTI leader Asad Umar said, “Pakistan will see how Karachi stands with its leader for a Khuddar Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, Imran Khan, in a Facebook post, said that Pakistanis across the globe have come out to protest peacefully against imported government instigated by “blatant interference”.

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