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“Social Media Takes The Context Out”

Nani's comments on Kannada release of 'Ante Sundaraniki' invite vitriol
Ante Sundaraniki Star Nani Issues Clarification On Film’s Kannada Release Comments ( Photo Credit – Nani’ / IMDb; Poster from Ante Sundaraniki )

With Nani and Nazriya in the lead roles, the teaser of ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ was dropped on Wednesday, as it grabbed much attention but also ran into controversy.

Apparently, hero Nani’s comments about why his film Ante Sundariniki’ was not dubbed into Kannada have gone viral, and many Kannada people have been hurt as a result.

During his speech at the ‘Ante Sundaraniki’ teaser launch, Nani stated that the film will not be dubbed in Kannada.

The reason Nani said this is because he believes that the Kannada audience will watch the film in Telugu because most Kannada people understand and prefer to watch Telugu films in Telugu only.

However, when these comments were shared on Twitter, there was widespread outrage with many Kannadigas claiming that they don’t understand Telugu and that if Telugu heroes want their films to be seen, they must also dub into Kannada.

Nani, who took to his Twitter to apologise for the misunderstanding, wrote, “All I was expressing was my gratitude for how a lot of my films or other Telugu films were appreciated by our Kannada family there even when there was no dubbing version available. A particular answer in a press meet comes with context. Social media takes the context out.”

Nani also replied, “Apologies if not conveyed properly. Proud of Kannada cinema and its success across the boundaries”.

‘Ante Sundaraniki’ stars Nazriya Nazim as Leela Thomas, while Nani plays Sundar. The movie is directed by Vivek Athreya.

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